The first stage of the “e-government” launched in Kharkiv Region

A contract with the International Agency for Regional Development “GloBee” on the free transfer of software for the pilot operation of the “Electronic Government” system was signed on October 16 by the deputy chairman of the HRSA Yuliya Svitlychna, the press service of the HRSA reports.

Immediately before the signing of the contract, the developers presented the first two modules of “Electronic Government”. It is primarily about launching the system of external and internal electronic document management of the regional state administration and the system of electronic registration and information support for internally displaced persons.

The main developer of the CEO of VisaPort, Hassan Matar, assured that the system is provided with a high level of security. At the same time, for the convenience of users, the document circulation is quite simple. According to the developer, now the system just needs to be adapted to specific users, what local IT companies have already done. In support of his words, Hassan Matar personally tested his offspring and with the help of a scanner placed the test documents into the electronic document management system.

“Today, in the test mode in the Kharkiv regional state administration launched a system of external and internal electronic document management. But this is not a one-stage process. Of course, there will still be a whole chain of processes – this is staff training, and providing the necessary equipment. Computers and scanners will be provided on a cloudless basis “- said Yuliya Svitlichna.
According to her information, the testing of the system will take about six months. From 2016 on the electronic document management system should be fully operational. Dmytro Shuval, Chairman of the NGO GloBee International Development Agency, said that the electronic document management system will not only speed up the decision-making process, but will minimize bureaucracy and make many processes much more transparent.

The deputy chairman of the HRSA stressed: the system launched in the Kharkiv region will be the starting and basic system for the work of all bodies of state central authorities in Ukraine.

The second test program, which was launched on October 16, was also developed by Gassan Matar specially for the Kharkiv region. This is a system of electronic registration and information support for internally displaced persons. As Dmytro Shuval assured, this is a special project that will simplify and speed up the communication of IDPs with state authorities and public organizations in the region.
“The project will help to speed up the process of registration of IDPs, with its help the authorities and non-governmental organizations will be able to coordinate their work. The electronic system will unambiguously open for temporarily displaced persons quick access to those organizations that directly help them, “said Dmytro Shuval.

He noted that for the displaced people who do not have access to a computer, special kiosks will be installed in the city.

Also, specialists of the regional state administration, the Department of Information Technologies of the Secretariat of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine were able to test the new software during the presentation of the system. Samples of technical equipment required for comprehensive testing are provided by Konica Minolta Ukraine.

Reference. A proposal for designing, developing a “turnkey” and free transfer to the state’s balance in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine, the electronic management system was received by HRSA from the company “Portis Consulting” (London, Great Britain) and the public organization “GloBee” 19 May 2015. The project is implemented on a voluntary basis and does not provide for budgetary financing.