Kharkiv Regional State Administration has signed a memorandum of cooperation with the International Agency for Regional Development «GloBee»

The document signed on May 19 Head of Kharkiv Regional State Administration Igor Raynin and head of public organization “International Agency for Regional Development” GloBee “Dmitry Shuval. Now the organization established to promote socio-economic interests of the regions of Ukraine at the international level, will actively cooperate with the Kharkiv region.

The main activities of “GloBee” – is attracting investments in local development, promotion of export business enterprises and setting called “bonds of international financial institutions. The agency already has offices in Germany and Switzerland. Currently, in cooperation with “GloBee’ and the’ Ukraine – the United States’ plans to open the office of the Kharkiv region in Washington.

During the meeting the head of Igor Raynin Hogan said that Kharkiv region – a reliable and profitable partner.

“Every foreign investor or a person who participates in social and economic development of the Kharkiv region, we are ready to work separately in the legal field entirely accompany all investment and other projects to avoid bureaucratic delays. We very strongly comes to corruption. We absolutely quiet working environment “, – said Igor Raynin.

He also outlined the main priorities of the Kharkiv region, which took agriculture, industry, science and IT-technologies.

Vice-president of the “Ukraine – USA” Markyan Belinsky, in turn, stressed that the memorandum will contribute to the work of the office of the Kharkiv region in Washington and clearly demonstrate the unique international partners of the initiative.

Source: http://kharkivoda.gov.ua/uk/news/view/id/26072