Office of Kharkiv region in Washington received humanitarian aid from US funds

In September 2014, Michael with the callsign “Angel” volunteered for the ATU zone. Passed Sands, Verkhnetoretskoye, Thin, Water, Donetsk airport, mine Butovka. Last year, the spotter was injured in the cervical spine, now on that place are titanium plates. After rehabilitation he returned to the ATU zone already as a contractor in the 54th brigade. Standing on the defensive in the Svetlodar arc. Since the beginning of hostilities in the Donbass in the military medical center of the Northern region were brought to the treatment of about 17 thousand soldiers. In the hospital, they say, 8,000 of them have been wounded. Within the framework of the project of the international agency for regional development “GloBee”, the office of the Kharkov region in Washington received medical humanitarian aid from American funds. The military hospital received medical equipment from American benefactors, as well as specialized beds for seriously ill patients. In addition, the supply of supplies in the pharmacy of the military hospital has increased. In addition to the military hospital, two more hospitals in the Valkovsky and Novovodolazhsky districts of the Kharkov region will receive medical aid.