With the Office of Kharkiv in Washington, machine builders have found partners in Canada

The project involves updating manufacturing base of Kharkov enterprise involving innovative technology and investment partners. As chairman of the “HARKIVMAShu” Konstantin Dikhtiarenko, the project will improve the quality and reduce the cost of production. It will strengthen the competitive position of Kharkov traditional products for him in Eastern Europe and Asia, and will gain a foothold in promising markets in the Middle East and North America.

“We appealed to the Washington office earlier this year and has since partnered almost daily basis. For five months, made a huge amount of work. This analysis of the North American market and determining the value input to it, competitor analysis, selection of potential partners to work together and pool of specialized investment funds, definitions of marketing and business strategies, professional legal support negotiations “, – said Konstantin Dikhtiarenko.

According to Chairman of the Board of Directors, a joint venture with renowned Canadian company is part of a plan to enter the US market, which greatly simplifies its implementation. Among these steps are practiced with the Washington office – of rebranding and selection agency quality control to ensure compliance with industry standards and specifications USA and further modernization of production. To this end, the company is actively negotiating with a number of American companies about technological and investment cooperation and allocation of manufacturing branded products in Kharkov capacities. Specifically, at the time of the completion of negotiations for the purchase of US investors at the expense of the process equipment industry leader, as a corporation «Ariel» (USA).

In turn, the coordinator of the Office of Kharkiv region in Washington with the American side Shai Franklin said that industrial capacity combined with high international activity opens Harkovschine real prospect of establishing as a “premiere international player» (premier international player).

“Kharkiv region is the only Ukrainian region with the unprecedented representation and communicate their interests to US officials and corporations, without any cost to the budget of the region, with complete transparency and accountability in compliance with US Department of Treasury. Despite the understandable impatience, our priority remains, as before, Kharkiv positioning for the next business cycle – both in Ukraine and in the United States – which will begin in the second half of 2016 and will continue during the presidency of the new US President. But now some of Kharkiv has received significant benefits and we see every opportunity to build on that success, “- said Mr. Franklin.