GloBee humanitarian aid in all directions: we’ll explain you where the food trucks were delivered

This time, we organized the delivery of aid in various directions:

  • The public union “Association of war veterans, participants of the anti-terrorist operation (OOS), family members of the dead (deceased) and war disabled” received 1300 kg of potatoes, half a pallet of Coca Cola and snacks from GloBee.
  • 1300 kg of potatoes, 50 kg of flour, and half a pallet of Coca-Cola were delivered to Kyiv City Psychiatric Hospital No. 1, named after I. Pavlov.
  • 1300 kg of potatoes, snacks, and drinks, which volunteers are cooking in front-line cities, were handed over to the TrD in Kyiv.
  • We took care of residents in hot spots. The ZeMolodizhka team visited cities and towns in the East and delivered humanitarian aid to the military and local people.
  • We also provided assistance to the Charity Fund of Mary Queen of Peace – volunteers received 1,300 kg of potatoes. One part of the food packages were sent to a boarding house for the elderly, and the other one was delivered to a kitchen for the preparation of food for the military and those in need.

 In cooperation with partners, we managed to deliver potatoes to another initiative – “Borsch for the Armed Forces of Ukraine”. Volunteers promptly prepare dry rations and send them to the military on the front lines.

 In addition, we sent products to the “Field Kitchen B-50” organization, which prepares hot meals and feeds displaced people with lunch.

 Thanks to our daily work, we are feeding more and more people. Now it is important to help and support the residents of peaceful cities. Let’s unite with international partners and volunteers!