Dmytro Shuval

Dmytro Shuval is a businessman and public figure. A government relations expert at...

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Jake Dilemani

Jake Dilemani is a leading political strategist and government relations expert based...

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Oleksandr Lukashov

Oleksandr Lukashov is a strategic affairs consultant and political strategist who has...

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Shai Franklin

New York lobbyist, political consultant and socio-political figure. He is a founding...

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Ivan Gorodetskiy
Aid For The Front Line Project Coordinator

Ukrainian actor of theater and cinema, producer, director, scriptwriter, showman and businessman....

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Paul Davies

Paul Davies is a former Director of PricewaterhouseCoopers UK and Adam Smith...

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Eric Ross Gilliatt

Co-owner, financial director and executive producer of Kaleidoscope Film Studios (Oklahoma, USA)...

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Sean Patrick Keilty

Sean has extensive expertise in building and running multi-million dollar organizations from...

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Volodymyr Stavnyuk

Volodymyr Stavnyuk has extensive experience in top management in the private and...

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Giorgio Karhausen

Active in the renewable energy, hydrogen, and cleantech industry since 1999, Giorgio...

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Anton Solopikhin

Anton Solopikhin has an experience in top management in the private and...

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