GloBee volunteers brought humanitarian aid to Chernihiv Oblast and asked locals how the residents lived during the occupation

When Ukrainian lands are gradually freed from occupation, our volunteers head to the cities as soon as possible to provide humanitarian aid to the locals.

This time the truck came to Chernihiv Oblast. After distributing the food kits, the volunteers talked to the residents about their experiences. Stories were listened to with pain and despair.

Local volunteer Oksana said that she received requests to install windows or provide construction materials almost every day. People want to rebuild their destroyed homes. In her yard, she set up a humanitarian headquarters, where she still helps all families.

After de- occupation, residents came back home and started living in tents near the destroyed buildings. Now it is important to provide them with help, because the region has not yet been restored. Residents need to prepare for winter.See more about the trip to Chernihiv region in the video on our YouTube channel under the link: