Humanitarian aid from GloBee in Zaporizhzhya region!

As always, preparation for a humanitarian mission begins with the collection of food kits. This time, 10 volunteers worked on this, and in just 4 hours they put together 500 grocery sets, each of which included:

— 1 kg of wheat porridge

— 1 kg of pasta

— 1 kg of flour

— 1 can of canned goods (800 g)

— 1 pack of tea

— 1 pack of cookies

— 1 bag of breadcrumbs

— 4 sweet bars.

On the morning of April 23rd, our convoy consisting of a bus and a passenger car, which also contained humanitarian aid, left for the first location — the village of Lezhino.

~100 people have already been waiting for us at the location.

Humanitarian kits were issued quickly and to everyone in just 1 hour.

The next location is the city of Orihiv. It is possible to enter the city only through passes, before that our familiar volunteers arranged in advance for the issuance of these passes.

The danger in the city persists every day, so we took responsibility — traveled the streets and handed out the sets ourselves.

The endpoint — Point of Invincibility in Orihiv. The remaining 30 sets were delivered there.

We managed to carry out our travel plan ahead of time, because we were informed that the enemy aircraft had taken off and we needed to leave any minute. At an accelerated pace, our team went to Zaporizhzhya, and then home.

Thanks to Space-Eye partners for their help!