Izyum-Slovyansk-Lyman-Kramatorsk humanitarian mission

For the trip to the humanitarian mission, we collected 215 food kits, which included:

– Flour – 1 kg

– Porridge – 1 kg

– Canned food – 800 g

– Tea

– Sweet bars – 2 pcs

– Breadcrumbs


On the morning of May 7th, we left for Slovyansk. The military were already waiting for us, for whom we were preparing food packages.


The next point is Lyman.

The GloBee volunteer team started distributing humanitarian kits to the  people with the help of the commander of one of the units.

In just one and a half hours, all the humanitarian kits for the residents of Lyman were distributed.


The next and final point is Kramatorsk.

The last batch of humanitarian kits was transferred to the second unit.

The city is located 30 km from the hottest spot in Ukraine — the Bakhmut Fortress, so staying in Kramatorsk for a long time was dangerous for our team.


In total, they covered approximately 1400 km in 2 days!

We do all this for those who need our help and support.