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Eric Ross Gilliatt

Co-owner, financial director and executive producer of Kaleidoscope Film Studios (Oklahoma, USA)
Financial director of UFI Productions (Kyiv, Ukraine).
A successful American dramatic actor, producer, screenwriter and director whose creative and commercial activities focus on the United States and Eastern Europe. His more than 30-year career in film, theater, television and radio industries, as well as in the video games production, where he is a sought-after voice actor, has won him numerous prestigious awards. It brought him the affection of viewers, critics and patrons, as well as personal friendships with major superstars of Hollywood and world show business.
Combining creative talent with business sense and managerial skills, Eric has extensive experience in running a business that goes beyond the film industry. In particular, he attained an advanced M.B.A. in Technology Management and worked as a high level business Executive in several software engineering and technology companies including Hewlett Packard Corporation.
Since 2007, Eric is living in Kyiv, where he holds the position of Executive Director and is the main producer of international projects of UFI Productions company. He also runs his own American company, Kaleidoscope Film Studios, which feature films have had a resounding commercial success.