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Sean Patrick Keilty

Sean has extensive expertise in building and running multi-million dollar organizations from IT through distribution to tailored solutions for the Network Marketing Industry.
Currently, he runs an international Logistics company called Atlantic Link-based out of the UK, with a large call center operation supporting its international clients in all European languages, Atlantic Link is a company that handles worldwide fright services for its clients that range from Large Nasdaq quoted US corporations, who supply vitamins worldwide to the very large organizations such as Amazon. Sean also has interests in two 3 PL (Third-party Logistics) companies, based in the UK and Holland, the Dutch organization, Sean is a Shareholder in, is based in OSS in Holland and the UK 3PL is based in Bristol in the south West of England. With a combined income of over $ 400 Million making this combination of organizations is a very strong player in the logistics market.
Sean also has extensive experience in working with the Government of Ukraine through his position with Atlantic Strategic Insights.
Sean is recognized as a patron and champion of the Arts and for his support of local artists in Ukraine.