Shai Franklin

New York lobbyist, political consultant and socio-political figure. He is a founding partner in the New York company Your Global Strategy, as well as a partner in Gotham Government Relations & Communications.
A successful fundraiser for Democrats’ political campaigns and civic initiatives. Author of legislative innovations that have become public law in the United States. Recognized specialist in organizing mass, diplomatic and international business events.
Well-known member of the World Jewish Congress. He has represented Congress in many international organizations, including the United Nations, the OSCE, the Organization of American States, the Interparliamentary Conference on Human Rights and Religious Freedom, the International Committee of the Red Cross, and Interpol. He has served as Treasurer of the Conference of Non-Governmental Organizations in Consultative Relations with the United Nations (CoNGO), which has a significant impact on UN decision-making. One of the organizers of the International Congress of Jewish Parliamentarians.
He worked in Geneva, Jerusalem, Mumbai and Moscow. He is the author of a study of Islamic-Jewish relations under the auspices of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
From 2015 to 2019, he was the co-chair of the Kharkiv Oblast Office in Washington.
He is an expert in the media of many countries, including i24, TRT World, Al Jazeera, Shalom TV, Argentine C5N and Israeli radio. Thanks to his activity on social networks, he was at the top of the list of “100 most influential Jewish Twitter users.”
He holds a degree (Summa cum laude) and the Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies. Fluent in Hebrew, Arabic and French.