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Volodymyr Stavnyuk

Volodymyr Stavnyuk has extensive experience in top management in the private and public sectors, specializing in banking, international trade and financial innovations. He served as Executive Director of Kredobank (PKO Bank Polski) and Head of Currency Control and Cash Discipline for the National Financial Market Regulator at the National Bank of Ukraine. He also served as Chairman of the Board of the Ukrainian State Innovative Financial and Credit Institution.

Among his successful projects have been the creation and implementation of financial strategies in conjunction with leading international companies such as McKinsey & Company, EBRD, and PWC, as well as the launch of national programs to finance innovation in the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine. It was under Volodymyr’s leadership that the first state fund in Ukraine for financing technological and scientific developments was created, known as the fund for financing inventions of the Ministry of Economic Development.

As an authoritative expert in the field of international trade, Volodymyr is an active member of trade commissions for Ukraine – Korea, Ukraine – Israel, Ukraine – Poland, Ukraine – China and currently is the Head of Innovations in Ukraine for the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Israel – Ukraine. Volodymyr holds a master’s degree in finance.