Residents of Chernihiv Region received 500 food kits from GloBee

Although a lot of time has passed since the liberation of Chernihiv Oblast, local residents are still suffering from the consequences of the occupation and active hostilities. Residents need materials to rebuild their homes, heating devices, warm clothes, and of course, food. Despite the difficult situation, the people of Chernihiv accept with understanding the migrants from the regions where hostilities are currently taking place.

To provide help to those who need it, volunteers visited Chernihiv Oblast and distributed 500 food kits from GloBee. Volunteers independently delivered about 300 sets and handed them to residents of the villages of Novoselivka, Syberezh, Buda and Baklanov. The rest of the sets were delivered to the “Rokada” – partner’s warehouse in Chernihiv. Volunteers of the organization will distribute them to relocated people and people affected by the war.

“I am glad that at all points of issue people greeted us well and were happy that they are remembered throughout Ukraine. We know what they had to go through, so we are helping with all our might,” comments Mykola Baranyuk, a GloBee volunteer.

We would like to thank our colleagues from the ” AgriTrade Ukraine” project, the Space-Eye charity organization, and Eric Schaefer from the H.O.P.E. organization for help with logistics and provision of humanitarian cargo.