Residents of the de-occupied Chernihiv region received food kits from GloBee

The GloBee volunteer team in its entirety went to Chernihiv on New Year’s Eve to help the residents who lost or are rebuilding their mutilated homes.

On December 26, volunteers unloaded a truck with 2 pallets of sauces, 3 pallets of beans, 805 kg of pasta, 800 kg of porridge, 1,600 kg of sugar and 42 boxes of clothes.

Only that first day, benefactors distributed about 760 food kits in the Chernihiv region, the next day – another 840 sets. In total, within the work of MAP, it was possible to distribute 1,600 food kits to residents of the entire Chernihiv region, in particular in the villages of Novoselivka and Bobrovytsia. 

We are grateful to all our partners who support Ukrainians – the German organization Space Eye, volunteer Eric Schaeffer from the organization H.O.P.E, “Agrotrade of Ukraine” and Netzwerk Ziviler Krisenstab.

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