A team of GloBee volunteers visited the de-occupied Chernihiv Oblast

GloBee International recently helped deliver a truckload of humanitarian aid to Slavutych and Chernihiv.

This time, benefactors provided:

〰️  16 pallets of bread;

〰️  2 pallets of antiseptic;

〰️  3 pallets of tea bags;

〰️  1 pallet of tea;

〰️  2 pallets of beans;

〰️  1.500 tons of pasta;

〰️  1.100 tons of porridge;

〰️  1.800 tons of beans.

In total, the volunteers packaged about 400 food kits.

The team delivered aid to the families of Slavutych TRO, who are also still in captivity.  After that, the residents of Chernihiv also received a humanitarian aid.  Separately, GloBee handed over pallets of bread to an orphanage in Novoselivka.

The volunteers thank the head of the NGO “Families of the Prisoner Defenders of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant” for the opportunity to provide food kits.

We will not stop thanking our partners from abroad who, despite the distance, support Ukrainians: Space-Eye e.V., Erik Schäfer and German Food Bridge.