Humanitarian mission in Kherson Region: 17 generators and over 2,500 food kits from the GloBee and H.O.P.E. volunteers

This time, our volunteers didn’t go alone on the trip to the Kherson region – the German philanthropist Eric Schaefer from the H.O.P.E. Foundation joined the team.

During the 5 days of the humanitarian mission, the team managed to reach the maximum: they loaded, transported and distributed humanitarian kits to more than 2,500 residents of the region, handed over 30 potbelly stoves, 5 of which – for the needs of the village of Kizomys, 6 – for the neighboring settlements, 2 were given to the military to insulate dugouts, and 17 — to the Bilozersk local council.

We packed tea, sugar, canned goods, beans, porridge, pasta and flour in grocery sets.

The volunteers also loaded generators for the region: 14 of them from the H.O.P.E organization, 3 – from the GloBee team, which were given to a school, a village hospital and a local dentistry.

The benefactors helped residents of Kizomys, Zelenivka, Berehove, Veletenske, Honcharne and Bilozerka villages. This was also reported by the “Ukrainskiy Pivden” media.

We thank the permanent partners Space-Eye, German Food Bridge and volunteer Eric from the H.O.P.E foundation, who took the initiative to help in the humanitarian mission in the Kherson region.

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