GloBee International delivered 7.5 tons of potatoes to Ukraine

With the assistance of GloBee Chairman Dmytro Shuval, Eric Schaefer and the charity organization H.O.P.E. a cargo of potatoes was recently sent to Ukraine. Ivan Horodetskyi dealt with its distribution at the arrival point.

The Ukrainian military received 1.5 tons of potatoes. Employees of communal services in Chernihiv region received the same amount.

We also provided a load of potatoes to many organizations that implement charitable initiatives and projects at the local level. In particular, the representatives of the Food Imperial delivery service received 3 tons of potatoes and prepared hot meals from it for everyone. In this way, it was possible to feed more than 2,000 displaced people.

Also, volunteers from Film.UA.Group willingly sorted bags and sent 1.5 tons of potatoes to restaurants for the implementation of the initiative “Lunch without problems” – elderly people had their meals for free.

Eyes full of hope motivate us to work and help further!