GloBee volunteers provided humanitarian aid to residents of Vilkhivka and Veliky Burlak in Kharkiv region

Recently, the GloBee agency delivered 2,000 food kits to the de-occupied villages of Kharkiv region, in particular to Kupyansk and Lypka.

On the way back from the region, the truck stopped at the villages of Vilkhivka and Velikiy Burluk, which are close to Kharkiv. Here, volunteers distributed about 300 more food kits to local residents who suffer from enemy shelling every day.

We thank our partners for the opportunity to help everyone who needs it:

  • to the organization “Ukrainian Charity Alliance” and its founder Oleksiy for escorting the truck;
  • “Agrotrade of Ukraine”, Space-Eye and the German volunteer Eric Schaeffer for providing humanitarian goods.