Globee volunteers were the first to deliver a sufficient amount of humanitarian aid to the de-occupied Kharkiv region.

Recently, a truck with humanitarian aid went to the liberated territories of Kharkiv region, to Kupyansk.

We distributed about 2,000 food kits in the de-occupied villages of Kharkiv region. The volunteers came here accompanied by the military, as civilian cars are still not allowed.

The team also met with the Kharkiv territory defense and handed them aid — several pallets of water, canned food, and tea.

Thanks to our partners:

  • for helping with the organization of the route and escorting the truck with humanitarian aid, in particular to the organization “Ukrainian Charity Alliance” and its founder Oleksiy;
  • for the provision of humanitarian goods, in particular to the organizations “Agrotrade of Ukraine”, Space-Eye and the German volunteer Eric Shaffer.


We are grateful to our brave volunteers and drivers who went to the dangerous region despite constant shelling.

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