How can foundations develop their credibility?

Why should every fund be reputable? It would seem that the organization can work with small groups of people and respond to specific requests. However, this narrows the possibilities of assistance too much.

GloBee International successfully develops its credibility both at the public and state level by promoting the interests of Ukrainians of certain regions abroad.

We share practical advice on how to promote your activities, develop the influence of a foundation or organization, and increasingly reach the attention of society:


  1. We work to improve the quality of residents’ life in a clearly defined area. Now we volunteer intensively in the Kharkiv, Chernihiv and Kyiv regions. Being active locally, we gain credibility in local companies and organizations. At the same time, working within the clear boundaries of these areas helps to focus on the needs of the residents of the regions.
  2. The war made its adjustments and we changed the vector of our activities. Until 2022, the GloBee agency was engaged in the regional development of Ukraine. Today, we opened an emergency direction – the delivery of humanitarian aid to the frontline cities of Ukraine. The task of the volunteers is to respond to people’s urgent requests and deal with the logistics of humanitarian goods from abroad.
  3. The GloBee team consists of people who are responsible for each direction, for example, the director of the warehouse carries out constant monitoring of humanitarian aid. It is important to have a responsible employee who monitors the arrival of goods, analyzes the requests of citizens and allocates who to supply food/clothes/household items.
  4. We implement open and transparent reports. We highlight the results of our activities in our social accounts and on the website. This builds trust on the part of residents in our fund.


Every step, every plan in GloBee’s strategy builds the credibility of the organization. This is our daily work, in which every volunteer is involved.

We continue to promote the interests of Ukrainians and provide humanitarian aid to war victims.