July 1, the “Dobra Zvistka” community finished the charity event “Bread”.

The essence of the “Bread” project is to take care of representatives of the vulnerable population who suffered from the war in Ukraine. On the initiative of the Center for Youth Relations and the international regional development agency GloBee, with the support of Dmytro Shuval, bread was delivered to:

  • children and staff of the “Viktoria” Child Rehabilitation Center in Boryspil,
  • refugees from regions in the East of Ukraine for the charitable community “Ryatuysya” and “Dobra Zvistka”,
  • low-income, elderly and disabled people.

The charity loaf of bread became a symbol of strength and resistance in times of difficulty. This project united Ukrainians and gave them faith in a mandatory victory!

Great gratitude to international partners for their help, in particular to volunteer from Germany Eric Schaefer for delivery to Ukraine and volunteer organization H.O.P.E.

We also thank Ivan Horodetsky for organizing the distribution of bread to all those who need it so much. Under close supervision, a public figure together with a team of volunteers delivered food to residents.

Together and only to victory. More to come!