A 20-ton humanitarian aid truck from Germany arrived in Kharkiv.

Newly, German volunteers collected a huge amount of food and sent international aid to the residents of the Kharkiv region – to the cities of Pyatikhatka, Zolochiv, Lozova and others.

Erik, a mathematics teacher at a German university, with the support of the public organization “Space-Eye”, collected a 20-ton truck with medicines, food and necessary equipment and sent it to Ukraine.

From the beginning of his volunteer activities, he gained trust among the local population, because he himself was in Ukraine and engaged in charity work. From April 2022, he returned home and began a large-scale collection of humanitarian aid.

Now a team of volunteers is working on establishing regular charity deliveries. “We are trying to continue direct cooperation with the German government regarding humanitarian aid. They can simplify the process of sending cargo to the warehouses in Poland, and from there to Ukraine,” says Eric.

The last trucks with food were delivered within the framework of the bilateral cooperation project of the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture of Germany and the Ministry of Economic Development, Trade and Agriculture of Ukraine – “Agrotrade of Ukraine”. News about such an initiative can be found on social networks under the hashtag #GermanFoodBridge.

The international organization GloBee International helps volunteers around the world to deliver trucks to the regions of Ukraine. Representatives of the agency deal with logistics and send aid to hot spots. Here they receive all supplies and distribute according to needs and requests. Thanks to one of the projects “Aid on the Front Line”, Ivan Horodetskyi, a well-known presenter and actor, personally sorts cargo and delivers it to the front-line cities of Kharkiv region.

According to the head of the GloBee agency, Dmytro Shuval, the organization has already built stable models of cooperation with volunteer initiatives to help Ukraine. Thanks to connections with foreign partners, GloBee experts defend the interests of Ukrainians in the USA, Great Britain and European countries.

So, for example, we have established cooperation with many foreign and domestic foundations that support us, help with supply and logistics. We are grateful to our colleagues from AgroTrade of Ukraine, the Space-Eye charity organization, and Eric Schaefer in cooperation with H.O.P.E. for the supply and provision of cargo, as well as the Whitepay and Space-Eye funds for helping with logistics.