The MAP platform has launched a mobile application for charitable organizations and foundations

The MAP mobile app was created for volunteers and coordinators of charitable organizations, foundations and initiatives to help quickly coordinate the delivery of humanitarian aid.

Therefore, access can be obtained by the driver of the car with humanitarian aid, the coordinator, the logistician and the volunteer who distributes the cargo at the designated place.

Thanks to the application, drivers can view the route of cargo delivery, form delivery stops for unloading assistance and track the route on the map.

At the same time, fund coordinators manage driver access and track deliveries on the map.

For example, at each location where a car with humanitarian cargo stops, the coordinator records the amount of aid provided to citizens who have previously registered on the website and received a QR code. Also, the user can upload the photos/videos of the distribution into the app for reporting to foreign funds or partners in Ukraine.

The MAP application simplifies the work of benefactors from the very beginning of the route to the final point of distribution of humanitarian aid. Previously, this was impeded by bureaucracy and the difficulty of tracking cargo. However, the developers of MAP made sure that volunteers had quick access to all the data on assistance and reporting.

Every charity can access the app.