Fundraising: How to raise funds for NGOs and charitable projects?

Money is needed to help everyone at once. However, lack of funds is a common problem for public organizations. Therefore, it is important to learn how to correctly search for sources of funding and engage in fundraising.

Fundraising is a process of attracting material resources, funds that help in the implementation of social initiatives. This is an opportunity for organizations to receive third -party support not only with money, but also for companies, services, renting premises or equipment.

Thanks to extensive experience working with public organizations, we know how to attract funds to the agency.

First of all, focus on solving the societal problems of the stakeholders. Do it at press conferences, during discussions with experts and work in social networks.

Create awareness occasions and involve partners in solving problems.

There are various fundraising tools to attract help:

Assistance from international organizations and funds due to project applications.

For example, there is the OpenAid Portal. This is the largest database of international aid projects and programs in Ukraine. Go to the site and familiarize yourself with the available programs.

  • Business support.

To attract funds from businessmen, look for partners based on common values. In this way, you will receive funds to meet the needs of the organization, and for business, you will create media publicity, increase the company’s reach and conduct useful networking.

Look for benefits through the eyes of partners and remember that resources are not just money. It’s often much easier to negotiate with a business about free help through their product.

  • Advertising events.

Write press releases where you will explain the goals and features of the organization that helps you. This is how you will attract partners and sponsors.

  • Crowdfunding.

It is an association of people who voluntarily raise their monetary resources through the Internet. For example, on the Spilnokosht platform, you can find start-up capital for social business, funds for the development of an invention, and other initiatives.

Therefore, the issue of attracting funds to public organizations is complex. Position yourself, adhere to the mission and goals of the organization, search for resources from small to large, evaluate your opportunities and build a network of partnerships.

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