How to cooperate with foreign foundations and organizations?

To attract more foreign investment for the needs of the Armed Forces or Ukrainians affected by the war, follow a few rules used by GloBee International.

First of all –  connections and building permanent relations with foreign agencies. Thanks to the well-established contacts in the past, GloBee now continues to cooperate with old partners and establish new ones.

To find new partners, use social networks – the basement of trust for a foreign fund. The more followers, activity in social networks, work results (with numbers, high-quality photo and video reports) you have, the more chances there are to start cooperation.

Look for partners with the same values. Therefore, the GloBee agency is engaged in charity work in Ukraine during the war with the public organization HOPE in Germany, the coordination center for food aid for Ukraine German Food Bridge, and the public organization Baranova 27 in the USA. Thanks to cooperation, we managed to deliver tons of food to residents of frontline cities and Ukrainian defenders.

Offer foundations the benefits of working with you to differentiate themselves from others. Involve foreigners in creating joint content for social networks, tag partners in posts. This helps attract the attention of sponsors and the media.

Regarding receiving assistance, make specific requests, specify the quantity and names of the goods you need. If you are looking for funds, write down where and what you will spend them on.

For example, as part of the German Food Bridge project, a truck with 64 pallets of humanitarian aid was delivered to us. This time bedspreads, pillows and mattresses arrived in Ukraine. The charity organization Space-Eye and the Whitepay foundation helped with the logistics of the cargo. In addition, emergency aid was delivered to medical institutions of the Kharkiv region – 28 beds with an electric engine. Their equipment included mattresses and blankets.

In order for the help of foreign funds and investors to be long-lasting, explain the scale of humanitarian needs and communicate with influencers, media people or mass media. And how GloBee works with foreign agencies – read on our social networks.