How did we create our own charity foundation?

Despite the fact that more than 20,000 foundations are registered in Ukraine today, only 5-10% of them submit their tax reports. What does it mean? It means a small number of foundations that are really engaged in charity activities and work behind the scenes of the war.

GloBee International is a 100% volunteer initiative. After the invasion in 2014, we realized that the Kharkiv business needed support to reorient itself from the Russian market to the Western and US markets. 

At our own expense, we opened the Kharkiv Oblast Office in Washington in 2015. Representatives of companies from Kharkiv were able to use such a platform as a field for meetings and diplomatic negotiations free of charge in cooperation with the Embassy of Ukraine in the USA. Also, American specialists – lawyers, marketers, analysts, etc. joined the support.

So, at first we attracted only our own funds, and later – from logistics companies. With them, under certain conditions, we used their infrastructure in New York and Washington.

The GloBee organized a major Cyber ​​Security Summit in 2017 in Kyiv. Anthony Blinken, dozens of speakers from America, US Deputy Secretary of Defense participated in this forum.

One of the tasks of such a forum was to develop a road map for combating cyberattacks. We submitted the collectively developed document to the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine and other state bodies. All this was financed by the personal funds of the founders of the agency on a volunteer basis.

Creating a foundation does not mean saving lives right away. This is difficult and long-term work. Searching for investors, helping only some part of people, working with negativity, constant documentation – all this needs to be fully included in the organization’s work processes. Do not stop in front of the obstacles and move forward. The first results will definitely motivate you to work harder and harder.