The Washington Post: Interview with Kharkiv Mayor Igor Terekhov. 8th day of the war

“From an undisclosed location inside Ukraine’s second-largest city on Thursday, the mayor of Kharkiv tells me he can hear bombs exploding as our interview begins. He is trying to run a city that’s under siege, where the citizens are dodging missiles and fighting for their lives, running out of food, shelter and time as an invading foreign army closes in. But Kharkiv will neither succumb nor surrender, he said”.

Read the full text of The Washington Post columnist Josh Rogin’s interview with Kharkiv Mayor Igor Terekhov at the link: “Ukrainians in Kharkiv won’t let Putin break their will“.

With this poignant interview, GloBee International launches the Live From Ukraine Project as a series of articles on the heroic attitude of Ukraine’s war-torn peaceful cities. Addressing the citizens of Western countries through the mainstream media, we urge them to demand that politicians step up sanctions pressure on Russia, provide the necessary weapons to Ukrainian defenders and close the skies over Ukraine. Right now, in Ukraine the fate of the whole Free World is being decided.