Ukrainian flag flitters over the New York City Hall. Mayors Adams and Terekhov discussed support for Kharkiv

New York Mayor Eric Adams called Kharkiv Mayor Igor Terekhov by video to express his support for Kharkiv residents and all Ukrainians. Under incessant air strikes, Igor Terekhov requested that the voice of New York be heard in the demands to close the skies over Ukraine and increase sanctions on Russia to stop the aggression. Eric Adams, for his part, noted that the city municipality despises Russian aggression and joins other international organizations to restore peace and justice in Ukraine. The parties also discussed humanitarian aid for Kharkiv residents and future economic cooperation between the two cities after Ukraine’s victory. The video conference was organized by GloBee International as part of the Cities Partnership Project.

New York Mayor Eric Adams:

We do everything in our power in our communities. Both real support and symbolic things are important to us. That is why we have now raised the flag of Ukraine over the City Hall!