The Washington Post: Interview with Khmelnytskyi governor Serhiy Gamaliy. 16th day of the war

Khmelnytskyi region is the largest hub for counter-flows of temporary IDPs from eastern Ukraine, as well as humanitarian and military cargo from Poland. To draw attention to the urgent needs of a strategically important region, GloBee International connected The Washington Post columnist Josh Rogin with the Head of Khmelnytskyi Regional Military Administration Serhiy Gamaliy. Read the full text of the interview in the article “Ukrainian governor: Close the skies and Ukrainians will do the rest“.

“In parts of Ukraine that were relatively safe for the first three weeks of the war, the situation on the ground is deteriorating fast. In the Khmelnytskyi region, which sits astride the vital humanitarian and military supply route from Poland to Kyiv, relative quiet has given way in recent days to the sounds of exploding Russian missiles. As the war comes to his region, the governor there told me he has one urgent request for the West: Close the skies”.

The interview is part of the GloBee International’s project “Live From Ukraine”. In this project, we are promoting the position of leaders of local government and state executives in the cities and regions of Ukraine, where the fate of the whole Free World is being decided.